Why it works?

Long Story Short

PlateSpin Forge technology creates a complete mirror of a servers File Data, Operating System, Applications, and everything else required - which is incrementally updated. This mirror image of the protected server can be quickly mounted and turned on from another server, be it physical or virtual. Locally or geographically remote.

Not just the data is protected, but the entire server. No recovery time wasted installing the OS, installing patches and updates, installing applications, and their patches and updates, then hunting down the proper drivers, and making sure the files are copied over in the correct format and position. In the Forge environment, managed from a web console, all of the above can be easily tested.

The Golden Fleece of simplified and automated complete server protection without the Fortune 500 price tag.

Long Story

Where PlateSpin Fits in the Recovery Landscape
Traditional recovery infrastructures have failed to keep pace with business requirements. Until now, organizations have had to choose between costly and complex clustering and high-end replication solutions or suboptimal lower-cost alternatives like tape backups that can be slow and cumbersome to test and restore. PlateSpin Forge is the first recovery hardware appliance that leverages virtualization technology to provide a flexible and affordable solution for protecting production workloads.

Multiple physical and virtual server workloads can be consolidated onto a single PlateSpin Forge recovery appliance, allowing data centers to protect a greater percentage of their workloads while avoiding costly duplicate hardware and software investments. With PlateSpin Forge, organizations can achieve recovery time and point objectives that approach the level of protection provided by clustering for a cost that is closer to imaging and tape backup solutions. With PlateSpin Forge, it is also faster and easier to test the integrity of recovery plans.

The unique combination of simplicity, ease-of-testing and cost-effectiveness makes PlateSpin Forge ideal for augmenting and extending existing disaster recovery capabilities.
Where PlateSpin Forge Fits

Solution Cost RPO* RTO* TTO* Notes
Tape/Manual Rebuild $ 24 Hr+ Days Days
Difficult to administer and test

Slow, prone to errors
Image Capture $$$ 24 Hr Hours
  • Hours
    (Requires additional hardware)
  • Limited restore flexibility
PlateSpin Forge $$$$ Minutes Minutes Minutes
(No impact on production data, zero-risk)
Rapid recovery/flexible restore

Easy setup and testing

25 to 1 protection ratio
High-end Replication $$$$$ Minutes Minutes
  • Minutes
    (Impacts production data, adds risk)
Complicated configuration

Duplicate hardware
Server clustering $$$$$$ 0 0
  • Near zero
    (Impacts production data, adds risk)
  • Duplicate hardware


    Difficult to test
* Recovery Point Objective – the time between the latest backup and the system disaster, representing the nearest historical point in time to which a system can be recovered.
* Recovery Time Objective – the length of time between a system disaster and when the system is again operational.
* Test Time Objective (TTO) – measures the time and effort required to test a disaster recovery plan to ensure its effectiveness. TTO, or the ease with which recovery plans can be tested, is emerging as a key disaster recovery metric.


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