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Online total server system protection and quick failover

Historically, it’s been too expensive or too cumbersome to set up a suitable remote/offsite mirrored server infrastructure. So server systems that are crucial to day-to-day operations, as well as legal compliance, remain at risk.

Now there’s a practical, affordable solution. With MetroDataPath's hosted Forge service, you can protect not just all of the data on every server on your network, but mirror the entire systems offsite. Securely, Cost-effectively. Automatically. Reliably.

Simply put; Your production servers are at your site, and your production servers' complete mirrors, are available in the cloud. Moreover, your on-site Forge Appliance can protect your production servers locally, and the Forge Appliance complete mirror is in the cloud.

Quick and Easy to install. Highly Scalable.
The PlateSpin Forge application is agent less, creates a working virtualized mirror and sends it to MetroDataPath's enterprise class data center facilities. And, thanks to the PlateSpin Forge architecture, the process is transparent, secure, and fully automated. This eliminates the time and admin of installing an online backup “client” on every server machine you want to protect. You can automate server protection for some or all of your mission critical servers from the secure convenience of your web based, private Forge control console.

It’s also a highly scalable solution. You can add as many new servers as you like to on-demand.

Cloud hosted PlateSpin Forge near instant recovery
Most Importantly, your IT administrator, can quickly restore a lost server by simply turning on a Virtual Machine in the MetroDataPath compute cluster bringing services back online to all users. Now you can take your time with repairing the primary damaged server, or recreate a completely destroyed server using your cloud hosted mirror image.

Cloud hosted PlateSpin Forge for Servers enables Centralized Control and Reporting
It includes all the tools you need to manage your servers online data storage. You control the online backup functions and the storage media. You decide the granularity of information to store in the cloud.

PlateSpin Forge testing and reports assure accountability, verifying that all your online incremental updates occurred as scheduled. The central dashboard has a complete view of your entire business systems protection schema from one interface that’s easily integrated with existing SNMP-based monitoring and notification systems.

Lower Backup/Restore Costs
There’s no charge for the data transfer, thus your recurring cost are stable. There are no long term contracts. You only pay for the number of protected servers you want on a monthly basis.

Once a full system has been mirrored, scheduled incremental's reduce data transfer time requirements to a minimum, further cutting costs.

You can also reduce or eliminate many of the costs associated with tape backup. Tape technology upgrades or replacements. New and replacement tapes. Offsite tape storage. Recruiting, training and supporting staff.

Manage the remote server protection for all of your branch offices from the same Forge console.
MetroDataPath's Cloud hosted Forge service automates and simplifies as much of the organizational server protection process as possible. Servers backups can occur as often as you wish. Only new, unique data is backed up, saving bandwidth and storage space. You can backup while restoring, restore while backing up.

Security and confidentiality that’s built in
A high level of data security is a key element in our online backup service. All data is transmitted in encrypted format. MetroDataPAth also stores your data in encrypted format, from the moment it’s sent into our storage cloud, using one of the standard encryption algorithms: AES 128, AES 192, and AES 256bit.

MetroDataPAth is a premier online storage cloud service provider for small, medium, and large enterprise scale companies.
MetroDataPath's secure and robust platform architecture is second to none - rest assured that our systems are built specifically with data security & retrieval in mind.

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