MetroDataPath’s Core Value:

A core value that MetroDataPath delivers is offsite storage in multiple Class-A data centers.

Smart companies today realize protecting data on-site is only half of the equation. Offsite, high availability copies of a firms data completes the puzzle. Larger enterprise companies routinely have their mission critical business information cross located in multiple geographically diverse positions.

This approach is has been considered by far the best method to protect mission critical enterprise data, and also by far the most costly ...until now.

MetroDataPath can provide all of the functionality of secure, private, near-synchronous remote data replication facility, without the budget-busting cost.

MetroDataPath will create one or multiple volumes of your companies mission business data, in an identical dataset on a second, remote volume within our SAN array's. These volumes are kept separate from other customer data. Storage fabric virtualization allows very limited impact to the production system.

Step two is to snapshot you volume, which creates point-in time copies of the data. Each snapshot captures all the changes to the primary volume made since the previous snapshot. Because the system is capturing only delta blocks, very little data actually moves between the two volumes, so impact on recovery point objectives are kept to an absolute minimum.

What's the value of all this?
The MetroDataPath secondary system has a data set that is identical to your primary volume, updated by the snapshots according to whatever level of granularity the system requires. When data corruption or any other problem occurs on the primary volume, your recovery software merely initiates a disk-to-disk recovery from the active mirror or a last-known good clone rather than trying to recover from tape. In just about every case, this will be faster than retrieving data from tape.

MetroDataPath can also provide Exchange replication, colocation, automated tape archiving and private metroethernet point-to-point 100Mbps connections to selected locations

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