Offsite Data Protection

What is Offsite Data Services ?

MetroDataPath's SAN storage servers located in different locations working in concert with an onsite VMWare environment, or simply your existing Virtualized servers is a stunning breakthrough in data protection. Designed with incredible flexibility for adapting to your environment and for evolving with your growing network or enterprise, MetroDataPath's offsite data protection delivers the ultimate high availability recovery solution.

Minimize Risk While Maximizing Up-Time

Optimizing an innovative, agent driven disk-to-disk-disk-tape storage strategy, MetroDataPath can automatically create redundant copies of all backup files on disk both locally and/or remotely. Then archive to tape, there is no longer any single point of failure in your backup and recovery process.

A live snapshot is cached on disk, and any number of archive copies can then be mirrored in a server less,off network mode. And, because each virtual snapshot is a completely independent data set, the MetroDataPath data protection scenario has all the benefits of interleaving data locally, with none of the risk of local backup. The very high capacity of the MetroDataPath storage cloud makes it possible restore at absolute maximum speed. An emergency restore of 2TB from a local RAID drive will take 20 minutes vs. 20 to 40 hours using conventional tape back-up methods.

VM Ware consolidated backup provides for near-Synchronous data backup across the entire LAN. Each networked server is continuously monitored for changes, automatic incremental copy in the VMWare system. For enterprises of any size wishing near zero-tolerance Server backup, MetroDataPath answers the call.

What's the value of all this?

By combining the metroDataPath offsite data mirroring service with a local VMWare environment,, businesses can enjoy transparent, enterprise grade, surprisingly affordable and failsafe continuous data protection. All of which, including optional hardware, is provided as an outsourced service, free hardware maintenance, Software licensing cost and support fees.

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