MetroDataPath Co-Sourced Managed Infrastructure for IT – your path to Flexibility

MetroDataPath enables enterprises to focus on core business, manage risk and deliver continual technology improvement through experience and established processes. We do this by providing extended private connectivity, an as-needed, on-demand data center infrastructure, and technical expertise.

The pace of change is relentless. The demand on internal IT environments to provide more for less is increasing. Managing issues effectively requires an increasingly varied range of facilities, hardware, can drain valuable resources, and involves significant risk. In today’s extended enterprises, business systems must be continuously available and provide high levels of performance and security for your enterprise even as the business grows and evolves. 
MetroDataPath takes a proactive and uniquely comprehensive view IT needs to achieve high levels of system security, availability, and performance in support of important business processes.  Over the past 3 years, MetroDataPath has developed and refined comprehensive services, processes, and staff for supporting our clients' mission-critical business .

Making your IT environment deliver for your organization can be a costly and complex exercise. But what if you could empower your organization and reduce the cost and risk of innovating for change? Co-Sourced IT infrastructure can deliver.

We believe in working with you to enhance your strategic internal IT plans that will impact your key organizational objectives. MetroDataPath’s Managed Services provide the agility you need to continually improve your business. Our customers trust us to deliver for them.

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